We started off trying to solve our own problem

finding quality talent quick to support our own software needs. Over the course of the last 15 years, we have sourced talented teams that consistently produce timely and quality results.

The Appcore Process

Before we dive in, we’ll review your eligibility. We partner with companies

Who want a one-year minimum engagement
Who require support with a product or a long-term project
Who have a minimum of 5 team members—including a PM, DM, Software Developer & QA Member)

Sounds like you?

Schedule a call with us and we'll build your custom plan.

Product-Based Plans

When you sign up for a product-based engagement, we gather the business requirements from you and hire a team dedicated to your project. The team will consist of a Delivery Manager, Product Manager, Developers, and a QA Analyst.

A timeline is determined and agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

A financial plan is created at the start of the project so there are no surprises later on

We allocate a dedicated Delivery Manager who stays in close communication with you throughout the project lifecycle with regular reports and updates

We follow the Agile Scrum process of software development. We use Jira, or any tool your company is familiar with

Important considerations

  • We maintain strict confidentiality and can work on a ‘need to know’ basis if you are concerned about protecting your IP

  • The Scrum team can be scaled up or down according to your requirements

  • A full-fledged software development team works on your project as an extension of your internal team to bolster the development cycle

  • A comprehensive software development team works on your project as an extension of your internal team to bolster the development cycle

  • End-to-end functionality coverage and ownership of features, iteration, and releases

Service offerings


Frontend - Angular/React

From HTML to Angular and React, we have the team to help you build robust, functional products

Backend - .NET/PHP/Wordpress/Node.js

Using whichever backend language best suits your needs, such as .NET, PHP, Wordpress, Node.js, or even Ruby, we know the people to ensure your products are capable and scalable.

Product development


Our teams have the necessary skills to ensure your products and ideas are properly broken down and prototyped thoroughly to ensure functionality, viability, and success.

Product development

We have the ability to take your ideas all the way from initial ideation to roadmap, then onto production & implementation.

Product testing

We employ a rigorous process to ensure we’re helping you build the right product, which includes testing, iterating, and additional testing when necessary.

Product support

The job doesn’t stop once you hit the “go live” button, and neither do our teams with their capabilities to continue supporting your product after release.

Web development

Website development

Whatever it is you need to build, we either have or will hire talent in any technology that exists to support your requirements.

Online stores

Want to build an online store, or lean into the e-commerce space? We’ve got the people to make that platform happen for you.

Web applications

Whether a niche idea or a classic use case of web application infrastructure, there’s a team here that can build that for you.

Web portals

Supporting your funnels and customers on their journey with web portals is a common need, and we’ve got just the right talent to do it.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Dizzying databases and complex overlapping needs require strong Content Management Systems, and we have experts available to support your goals.

Mobile app development

Mobile Consulting

Understanding the landscape of mobile development and modern apps can be complex, and our expert teams are here to support you.

Mobile App Design

Building isn’t everything, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we sourced excellent mobile designers who are available to ply their craft for your ideas.


Flutter is the future. Build quick real time apps seamlessly that are platform agnostic.

iOS Apps

Building especially for iOS takes practice and skill, and we’ve got team members brimming in both.

Andriod Apps

Our people aren’t one trick ponies, and neither are their development skills. Capable Android developers are right here at your fingertips.

Quality assurance

Mobile Application Testing

Our experts know how to best test mobile applications, honing in on relevant devices - considering features, audience, and key specifics.

Web Testing

No matter how complex or simple a web project, excellent QA testers are key, and we’ve got a ring of them.

UI / API Test Automation

Some projects are not suited for manual testing, like UI / API Test Automation, and it takes talented people to ensure it is done right. We know just the team members for this kind of work.

Performance Testing

Understanding all of the complexities and variables within quality performance testing, such as stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness, is the craft of an experienced team member. If you don’t have them, rest assured that we do!

System Testing

Ensuring the full extent of a new service or product is properly integrated and interfaced with your current software or hardware systems is a tiresome and challenging task. Good thing we’ve got exceptional people that can do that for you.

Functional Testing

Measuring your idea against reams of expectations and requirements is a task for the consistent, thorough, and skilled testers on our teams.

Regression Testing

When updating and changing products, you need excellent regression testing. It’s like looking both ways before crossing the street. Our experts took that advice so they’re great at that, as well as the testing.

Non-functional testing

Just because something functions doesn’t mean it functions well. Top-notch, non-functional testing from our team ensures your ideas operate smoothly and crisp.

Product design


See how good our branding is? This could be your branding if you hired our team members to do yours. It’s that easy. In the words of the great Marty Neumeier, “your brand is in another person’s gut feelings”, and we have designers with excellent gut feelings.

Business application Design

Excellent designers can cover much more than B2C products and software. Ours can work in B2B, internal tooling, and so much more.

Technical design - Data Driven Design

Emotions make bad product decisions, but data tends to make pretty good ones based on their stats. See what we did there? Our technical designers did.


From beautiful User Interfaces to thorough, strategic, and tactical User Experience, we’ve got a breadth of designers who specialize in both.

Business intelligence


Need better insight into your business with clairvoyant and beautiful visualizations? We’ve got you covered with the right people who can help you make better decisions.


Making good business decisions requires monitoring the right things, sourcing good data, analyzing it properly, and producing useful reports. Our talented Cognos experts help your business do all of this.


As simple as Structured Query Language may sound, it still sounds and looks like gibberish to most people. Our exceptional team members are literally fluent in it.